Hay fever: treat pollen allergy with acupuncture

Acupuncture, which rebalances the immune system with the help of fine needle pricks on the so-called meridians (pathways), is increasingly used for hay fever. The good effect can be seen in daily practice.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), hay fever is caused by a weakness of the lungs. The flow of vital energy of the upper respiratory organs is thus congested. For the therapy to be successful, an acupuncturist must strengthen the function of the lungs and spleen and expel the pathogenic factor “wind”. He achieves this by placing needles on immune-activating points on the collarbone, upper arm, wrist and thumb.

It is ideal to come for acupuncture treatments 2-3 weeks before the expected onset of hay fever symptoms. More success is promised by an additional ear acupuncture or an individualized Chinese herbal formula. After one year, it is recommended to repeat the treatment to ensure long-term success.

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