What is acupressure?

Acupressure is a simple massage technique that traditionally plays a key role in the Chinese art of healing, integrating chiropractic hand movements for instance.

; it is used notably against sudden fatigue, irritation, tension and to fight infections. Acupressure can also have an all-round positive effect on general health issues.

What are the effects of acupressure?

The purpose of acupressure massage is to dissolve existing congestions of the life energy flowing in the meridians, which were due to stress, fatigue, inappropriate lifestyle etc. The practitioner presses or massages with circular movements around the pain and acupoints or along the meridians, e.g. with the fingertips, sometimes also with the fingernail; sometimes medicinal plant oils are also rubbed into the pressure points. Each point is usually treated for between two and five seconds. A treatment lasts about 30 minutes.

Basic methodology:

  • Strong pressure has a calming effect
  • Gentle pressure stimulates
  • Medium pressure has a strengthening effect


Painful conditions of all kinds, especially in the head and musculoskeletal system.